About Us

Jana Fresh Company is established at 2011 as a specialist packer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables from Egypt.  we are located in the western Delta area of Egypt. We supply a wide range of Fresh Fruit and vegetable varieties to four main markets, the Middle East, Far East, Africa, and the EU.  Our raw material are mainly outsourced from other farms, which are under the supervision of our technical people.

in order to satisfy our customers needs We adopted a 12 month supply strategy from Egypt and South Africa.

Jana Fresh products are global gap and BRC certified.

As the founders grew up in an agricultural family whose occupation was producing and supplying fruits and vegetables to big fresh produce exporters in Egypt during the 1980’s, they inherited a passion for fresh produce which motivated them to advance their parents’ mission through garnering enough export business experiences as to single-handedly and wholly undertake the exportation process. The journey was strenuous and lasted for 13 years until they succeeded to create the current team that professionally run the export process at Jana Fresh. The year 2011 unfolded the coronation moment when the current pro-active organization model of business at Jana Fresh came into being with its capacity for evolution on both local and international levels.

When Jana Fresh developed this proactive model, it meant to raise its own name above the expectations of stakeholders with their diversity and difference and at the same time it did it with an eye to the stakeholders’ well-being. In other words, in its pursuit of beautifying its own reputation, Jana fresh does not brush aside the personal and collective aspirations of its stakeholders; on the contrary, Jana Fresh sets their aspirations as the core asset of its business model. Believing that they are the driving force for upping its name, Jana Fresh seeks the welfare of stakeholders through monitoring, analyzing and prioritizing their interests, demands and hopes.

Staff members:

Jana Fresh has an experienced staff that worked in the field for many years. Many of the staff members worked together with other players in Egypt. However, the homogeneity of the team and its ability to deal with export challenges is unquestioned and even unparalleled. All the staff members have a good number of experience years under their belts which makes them able to tailor effective and practical export solutions. They are marked by teamwork spirit, understanding, mobility and love for consultation thanks to their keenness to overcome obstacles, achieve goals and satisfy the customers. Keeping the unity of such a business organization model is maintained through some core values and principles:

Each staff member, endowed from the management with the latitude to act as if he/she were owner, assumes ownership of the whole business and thus full sense of responsibility.

Flexible compensation model copes with the different aspirations of staff members.

Flexible timetables based on the responsibility of every member and the nature of the job they do.


Since customers are the target category of stakeholders which is about a point from which the export process circle begins and ends, our commitment and focus on their requirements cover four main things:


Our mission necessitates that we do not go easy ways when it comes to the question of supplying our customers with the products they require. All our available assets are consecrated to finding best quality products that meet customer specifications. We work every day and travel everywhere in order to supply our customers with products that exceed their expectations.


We do our best to offer competitive prices. We try hard to satisfy both suppliers and customers alike.


We believe that Jana Fresh’s name goes up or down in proportion to the quality of the product we export to our customers. We believe that quality of both products and services is the most important agent for progress and success. In addition our passion for what we do impels us to deny no effort for competing in the market with the quality of our products.

Product Specifications:

We work on three dimensions which is why we prefer to select educated suppliers who are responsive when it comes to receiving, processing and applying the instructions we give in relation to modules of production, recommendations, varietal development, pesticide usage, harvest technique, and so on.

Market feedback:

We get feedback from customers and from the frequent visitations we pay to the final outlets where our products are sold. Getting these feedback enables us to take suitable and corrective actions. Moreover, we exchange experience with industry leaders on other territories in order to update our quality systems, post-harvest techniques, and cooling chain management.

Service quality:

The team employed at Jana Fresh is much concerned about the level of the service given to all other stakeholders on any level to an extent that stakeholders feel owner reaction with a top management responsibility with respect to their handling issues.


We have a special cooperation and close relationship with this important category of stakeholders. We do our best to keep our suppliers updated on the market trends regarding supply and demand expectations. They always get feedback from our side on their product performance. We work persistently with them on coping with the rapid changes in the fresh fruit industry. We believe that investing in the relationship with suppliers is a very important and cost-effective type of investment. We keep an eye on their interest, trying to keep them up-to-date on varietal development, production and harvest techniques.