Quality management

Establishing a brand name of Excellency is a commitment adopted by Jana fresh quality management team. That is the reason behind the great success of our brand in the targeted markets.

Sustaining a good quality product requires a knowledgeable team, a commitment to the standards as agreed with our clients, and an efficient process for choosing the right quality of raw product.

Jana fresh committed itself to the highest level standards as required by certification bodies. We hold a Global gap for our farms and BRC for the pack house.

  • Jana Fresh holds the following certificates as a result of a third party independent evaluation of Jana Fresh activities.
  • Good agricultural practice.

GLOBALGAP (www.globalgap.org/) Certificate of conformity and annex to the certificate issued by Acerta Middle East according to the valid GLOBALGAP requirements. Our registration number as follows: ACERTA 0720.

Download valid certificate: GLOBALGAP.pdf

  • BRC:

Our citrus pack was evaluated against the requirements of the BRC technical standards, and was certificated as meeting the requirements of the standard.

Download valid certificate: BRC.pdf